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Setbacks – Not if they come, but when they come…

In life, it is guaranteed that setbacks will come. Whether that is in your relationships, or in your business or health. The problem occurs when they come when we least expect it! If you’re in business you would have had at least 1 major setback so you can relate. It is quite a strange feeling …

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Why you need to put your authentic self out there

The business game has changed, big time. Marketing has changed. I hope no-one reading this still advertises their business in the quokka! (haha) As business owners, we need to constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs in the marketplace in order to survive (I read that in one of my textbooks at uni but I’m really …

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How to deal with a bad review

If you’ve been in business long enough, you would have by now experienced a bad review. Whether it’s on Facebook or Google or any other platform, it is one of the most disheartening experiences you’ll face in your business journey. If you are a sole owner and small business, it is particularly challenging, as it …

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