Why you need to put your authentic self out there

The business game has changed, big time. Marketing has changed. I hope no-one reading this still advertises their business in the quokka! (haha)

As business owners, we need to constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs in the marketplace in order to survive (I read that in one of my textbooks at uni but I’m really seeing this play out in 2019!)

You might have a passion or a side hustle and you’re damn good at it. But you know what? Unless people know you, the real you as a person, you will only get so far.

So what’s an introvert to do?

I used to be extremely shy and I am still very much an introvert BUT…

My photography business has literally forced me to face a lot of my fears I had, which I didn’t realise. Fear of people, fear of failure and rejection. You may be in denial but we all have those fears to differing degrees. Some people are able to do live videos on Facebook like its no thing, whilst others are still using their profile picture from the 90’s and never do any videos.

If that’s you, its ok 🙂 I get it. Every single client says the same thing before each shoot, “I feel so awkward…” No matter how great they look. BUT, if you have any hope of furthering your business or even surviving, you need to get with the program girlfriend!

We are sophisticated and we generally dislike sales people these days. Why? Because we don’t trust them. There are so many sleazy companies trying to just rip our hard earned money off us and quite frankly they don’t give a rip about us.

And then there’s local small businesses. A lot of them are run by mums too. I call them Boss Mama’s 🙂 People love supporting small local businesses and they love hearing stories, that’s how we earn their trust.

And you are just trying to make a living that is flexible around your family. You are a decent person and are not just out for people’s money. You want to live your dream and build an empire and give back to the community. Well people won’t know that unless you put yourself out there so that you can stand out from the crowd of many overseas factories that only exist to make a profit. Or the guy down the road who does what you do but he’s only out to make a quick buck.

Bottom line is, people are now sick of perfect looking pictures of someone’s products (although you need those for your website). Social media is about being social. And it’s a powerful tool if you use it well. People want real and authentic, not fake and perfect. It’s your time to shine baby!

I would not have such amazing opportunities and doors open had I stayed hidden. And I’m just getting started.

I read my testimonials again today and I’ve realised how far I’ve come!

This is a journey, not an overnight thing. If I can help in any way on this journey please get in touch as I can relate to all that you’re feeling and thinking right now.

Kate J.

Be Authentic, Be Kind


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