Setbacks – Not if they come, but when they come…

In life, it is guaranteed that setbacks will come. Whether that is in your relationships, or in your business or health. The problem occurs when they come when we least expect it!

If you’re in business you would have had at least 1 major setback so you can relate. It is quite a strange feeling isn’t it? It can be very disheartening to say the least.

I can’t say I’ve had many setbacks, in fact things have been rolling pretty smoothly for the last 2 years that I’ve been actively building my business. Have I failed? probably many times, but I had actually chosen not to look at any failure as a setback, rather as part of the learning and growing process.

Until recently. I was passed up for some work and for some reason I took it really personally. It was probably the biggest single ‘setback’ I’ve felt in the last 2 years. Why? I don’t know, perhaps because I wasn’t expecting it? Perhaps because I have hopes and dreams to provide for my little family so I don’t have to go back to my accounting job.

That is the reason I still feel very nervous before any job as I do not want to get comfortable and over confident, because setbacks may come and hurt us unless we tread carefully and humbly.

How do you process setbacks?

I reached out to my community of female photographers and some friends and they re-assured me to never give up being authentic and true to myself. I’ve also had 2 very timely beautiful comments from some of my clients which meant the world to me.

Why did I doubt myself? I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. I will happily accomodate growth and learning, but I will never change who I am or what I passionately believe in.

So no more trying to make ends meet and making decisions based on financial pressure, or trends or what other people are doing or saying.

It’s always been about being authentic and true to what my mission is. There will not be any compromise on that. If we are just chasing the dollars then what is the actual point?

I believe every person has a purpose in life. It may not always be very profitable but somewhere along the line of the millions of marketing campaigns that we grew up with, they’ve convinced us it is all about gaining more wealth, possessions because that’s where happiness lies.

I’ve seen and heard of very wealthy and successful people who have taken their life and who were not happy at all. So we can safely conclude that’s not what life is about.

If you are struggling with a challenge or setback, please reach out to a community or trusted friend. You are not alone and you CAN and WILL get through this. Just don’t ever, ever give up. Someone out there is depending on you, even if it’s just a little sweet face.


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